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14k Gold Drizzle w/ Lapis Lazuli & White Coconut Beads

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Gold Color

Inspired by the frequency and movement of energy, our 14k drizzle bead plays with dimension and space as it surrounds a bold, blue color band of Lapis Lazuli.  The soft, subtle texture of white coconut creates a casual, distinctive contrast reminiscent of surf and sand.  

Lapis Lazuli carries the energy of wisdom, truth, and friendship. This “blue stone” has been adorned by ancient royalty throughout time, and first mining of Lapis Lazuli dates back over 5000 years.


  • 14k gold drizzle bead surrounding Lapis Lazuli cylinders with a matte finish.
  • White coconut beads strung on jewelry-grade elastic
  • 14k gold, square bead w/ logo

Choose between Yellow, Rose, or White Gold.

Handmade in NYC.