Understated Luxury

C. GRASSI is a fine jewelry line of understated luxury, striking a balance of color, texture, and flow.

We combine 14k gold and precious stones with other mixed materials from around the world, focusing less on convention and more on expression.

Each of our pieces are handmade in NYC by a small team of generational goldsmiths, gem setters and artisans to ensure the highest degree of material and workmanship, while also honoring our commitment to supporting local communities.

Inspired by global culture and vibrational energy, C. GRASSI is modern, fluid, and designed to be layered.


We believe color is magic.

Since the beginning of time, ancient cultures have used color as an expression of opulence, sacred adornment, and a celebration of life.

Color is a primary design focus in everything we do.


Balance is a key component in universal law.

We believe beauty lies in the symbiotic relationship of opposing aesthetics:

High/Low, Hard/Soft, Sparkle/Matte.


From material to thought, all matter emits vibrational energy.

As part of our design process, we channel frequency and symbolism to create with intention.

Less Convention // More Expression

Founded by Craig Grassi, C. GRASSI is the material representation of Craig's approach to style and the self-expressive nature of unconventional luxury.  

As a young New Yorker, Craig loved pairing his latest vintage finds with his favorite designer staples. He defined his style by marrying obscure & unknown with polished & sought-after.

Contrasting combinations of high/low, and going a bit against the grain, remains one of Craig's core style philosophies and an embodiment of IFYKYK.

Craig carries these same principles into every piece he creates.

Learn more about Craig’s story in his interview with Voyage Dallas.