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Floating Diamond Safety Pin

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Gold Color

Grounded in its simplicity, and elevated in material, our Diamond Safety Pin bracelet is made with 14k solid gold and 22 hand-set stones.  

The clear elastic band creates a chic, minimalist aesthetic and gives the illusion the Diamond Safety Pin is floating on the wrist. 

Originally designed for function, the safety pin has become a modern talisman for good luck and health. From Ukraine to Mexico, cultures across the globe have attached this protective amulet to the clothing of mothers and children to ward off evil and bring forth good fortune.


  • 14k solid gold safety pin
  • 22 hand-set diamonds 
  • Clear, jewelry-grade elastic finished with 14k logo bead

Choose between Yellow, Rose, or White Gold.

Approximate diamond weight: .2 carats

Handmade in NYC.